Personal assistants are gaining ground and the choice falls on any voice assistant that is presented. They automate communication with machines and systems, making life easier for users. Tesla’s latest update for its cars seems to have a hidden surprise. Elon Musk’s brand is preparing to launch its own voice assistant in electric cars.


Tesla is preparing to launch its own voice assistant in electric cars

The arrival of a voice assistant in Tesla
Elon Musk has very specific plans for Tesla and what it offers its users. These electric cars must evolve and receive a lot of technology, the result of improvements developed over time, always to make them even better.

With constant updates, created to share the new features created, Tesla cars end up having access to many improvements almost instantly. This operating model ensures that new features are shared quickly. This is precisely where a new feature has now emerged. Tesla is reportedly preparing its own voice assistant for electric cars.

Interestingly, Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla having its own voice assistant in its electric cars for a few years now. So, after launching his own AI startup, xAI, Musk suggested that Tesla could work with the company to deploy its chatbot inside its vehicles.

An important aid in electric cars
Elon Musk has gone further and said in the past that he wants Tesla drivers to have nothing to manually input into the vehicle. He wants the car to anticipate the driver’s needs and, if that’s not possible, he prefers the information to be given by voice commands.

This discovery came from an analysis of the code present in the latest update, where the first signs of this assistant were discovered. There is still no more information about what it will be able to offer users or when it will be presented for everyone to test.

In addition to this initial code for the voice assistant in Tesla’s electric cars, the update also brings other new features. We’re talking about a native Amazon Music app and many more fixes and improvements that will directly benefit users of the brand’s cars.